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Do the Fitness Math: Using Tools to Track Your Fitness Goals

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"Laura teaches a corporate circuit training class through our company at a private school. She has a delightful presence. It is visible through her communication that she cares about teaching outstanding classes. She is reliable, enthusiatic, and employees love her. We are happy to have her on our team."

Silvie Hibdon, COO @ Blueprint Fit, LLC

"Laura, I got to the office after yoga this morning and had not even taken a bite of my breakfast when I got an email from a client reporting that an opposing party who is notoriously difficult to work with had fired off a letter to my clientís CEO and General Counsel complaining about me and my actions representing them. My blood pressure undoubtedly skyrocketed as I read through the letter and started thinking about the likely uproar. Then I thought of your advice of less than an hour before about breathing in energy, breathing out what needs to be released and after about 10 breaths felt myself calm down and could think more rationally and come up with a plan to deal with it. Iíve put your advice to use before but never quite so immediately!"

John - SF/CA